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Christina Judd

Outreach Coordinator

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Christina has been an animal enthusiast for as long as she could breathe. She moved to Florida in 2000 drawn to the Suncoast in her early twenties for its flora and fauna. She spent years hiking and photographing nature and wildlife. Christina has a deep appreciation for all living creatures. The environment is a top concern for her. She enjoys learning new and sustainable ways to improve our lives while staying in balance with the planet.

Christina is the Content Coordinator and Writer for both The Neighbors of the West Villages and North Port Living Magazines. While is may be her side project, she enjoys meeting new community members each month and working as a conduit in making connections within the community to foster growth.

After a decade of running her own business offering her services in marketing and technology to various businesses here in town, she was ready to do something that better aligned with her heart. She brings her skills and talents to the Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida to further our mission as a strong ally to all living creatures. In her position as Outreach Coordinator, she hopes to help educate the general public about how important our wildlife is to maintaining a natural balance in our various ecosystems.

Christina Judd
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