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Found an

Some helpful information on what to do if you find an abandoned animal. Just click on the species you need information on below.

Found a Baby Bird?

Baby Bird

Important things to know when you've found a baby bird.

Found a Baby Bunny?


Not all baby bunnies are orphaned. Learn more here.

Found a Fawn?


Determining if a fawn is an orphan, learn more here.

Found an Opossum?


Some important things to know if you find a baby opossum.

Found a Raccoon?


If you've found baby raccoons they may be just fine. Helpful tips here.

Found a Snake?


What you need to know about snakes.

Found a Squirrel?


Baby squirrels can often be renested, learn more.

Found a Turtle or a Tortoise?

Turtle or Tortoise

What you need to know about turtles and or tortoises.

When in Doubt 

Call the Center:

941-484-9657 8 am-6 pm

941-416-4967 After Hours

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