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We Need Your Help!

The Paul A. & Veronica H. Gross Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida has embarked on a capital campaign to make some comprehensive upgrades to our wildlife hospital and rehabilitation center. Due to rapid development in our community and other environmental factors, animals are being injured and displaced at an alarming rate. This has stretched our capacity to its limits, and the facility upgrades will better equip us to keep up with the influx of injured and orphaned wildlife in our community.

This campaign will not only help us build our capacity to rescue and rehabilitate more wildlife but will also help us provide optimal conditions to greatly increase the chance of survival for animals that come into our care.

Our new facility will contain state-of-the-art triage and surgical centers where animals will be stabilized and treated. Our rehabilitative enclosures will be species-specific so that each animal will recover in an environment as similar as possible to its natural habitat. This will allow them to recover and return to the wild as quickly as possible.

Sponsor a Habitat

We are currently constructing new and improved enclosures for our sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife. The new species-specific habitats will allow our patients to recover in an environment closer to their natural habitat.

This will help recovering patients become less stressed which will aid in faster self-feeding and will help them recover much faster. These enclosures also allow our hand-raised orphans to adapt to a natural environment for a better chance of survival in the wild.


If you are interested in sponsoring any much-needed habitats, please contact us, at​ Thank you for your interest and support!

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