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In-Kind; Donating Items


We Currently Need:

  • Unused Medical Supplies

  • Office Supplies

  • Dog & Cat Food

  • Towels (no other linens at this time)

Collecting Pine Cones

Foraging for Wild Food Items

Foraging for certain things that can be found in nature is an amazingly wonderful way to donate to help our center.

 We are always in need of foods found in nature. It not only allows us to teach the young animals what their natural food source looks like. It also gives us peace of mind knowing that each animal's rehabilitation diet is not going to stray too far from what they are used to in a wild setting.

Some things we can use:



This is a wonderful resource we use, especially in the springtime for our baby ducks. It is super important to make sure any collected duckweed is from a natural water source free of pesticides and chemicals.

apple snails.jpg

Snail Foraging

Collecting invasive apple snails helps out the native ecosystem in addition to helping us feed our snail-loving Limpkins.


Acorn Collecting

Once they start falling, we can always use acorns. They are a wonderful natural food source for so many wild animals.

Collecting acorns can help us feed our squirrels and provide an occasional snack for some of our other animals like raccoons, mice, and rats.


Feeling Crafty?

Knitting Class
Crafts Carpentry

Crafters & Carpentry

Are you handy or crafty? We have a handful of projects for those who are capable of constructing some animal-specific items. See Below.

Knitting Needles

Knitted Bird Nests

These hand knitted nests are super important during baby bird season. For more information, email us at

squirrel nest box.jpg

Squirrel Nest Boxes

If you are handy enough to build a birdhouse, you've got what it takes to build squirrel nesting boxes. Click on the download link below to view the plans. 

Soft Teddy

Crochet Animals

Sometime we receive an orphaned animal that is alone. We utilize small stuffed animals for small mammal companions. We are always looking for talented crochet and knitting volunteers. 

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