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Rescue Coordinator

We are looking for someone to join our team to help us further our mission to educate the public while we rescue, rehabilitate, and release our precious wildlife back into the wild where they belong. We need a Rescue Coordinator, this position requires an individual with excellent verbal communication skills. You will need to be patient and understanding while dispatching calls from the public. The right candidate must be organized and have at least moderate skill levels in Microsoft Excel and Outlook. 

This is a full-time position, scheduled to work Sunday through Thursday from 8 am-5 pm. Please email your resumé to 


Call Center Employee

Internships for Rehabilitators


Do you have an interest in working with animals? We are looking for students pursuing a career in animal rehabilitation and/or veterinary medicine. Interested candidates will gain both knowledge and experience working with our area's native wildlife.

Please email your resumé to

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