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These adorable creatures are frequent patients in our center.  We normally receive well over 600 each year. All too often trappers will trap and destroy a raccoon only to find that baby raccoons are left behind. Orphans are not the only raccoons we see. Adult ​raccoons are susceptible to a range of health issues, from infectious diseases to injuries. Sadly, too many find their way onto roadways

and end up being struck by a vehicle. 

Understanding Raccoons

FACT: Seeing a raccoon during the day does NOT mean it is rabid.
While mostly nocturnal, it is common to see them during the day. Most often a raccoon foraging during the day is a lactating female with babies. 

Mitigating Interaction

Never Feed Raccoons

While you may feel like you are helping a poor hungry animal. Feeding them has many unintentional consequences. Like, disrupting their natural foraging behaviors. Causing them to become dependent on humans, making them more likely to approach humans deeming them a nuisance, and making them a potential candidate for euthanasia. Gathering them to a central feeding spot can also help diseases spread like wildfire.

Intentionally feeding raccoons is illegal per FL statute 68A-4-001.

In Loving Memory of Rosie

We want to dedicate this page to the memory of Rosie. May no other animal ever be treated the way poor little Rosie was treated.

Rosie found her way into a dumpster in search of food only to become trapped with no way out. She was unfortunately found by two individuals with absolutely no compassion for animals nor respect for life. She became internet famous after her unfortunate demise, brought about by the cruelty of the man and woman in Sarasota who found her. While the simple act of placing a board or similar item into the dumpster would have allowed the raccoon to climb out to freedom, these callous people instead sought to end its life. The woman freely shared the finding and the horrible end that they brought to this poor adolescent raccoon on the social media app, Snapchat. I will not go into the horrible details but will say that the woman, Alisha Kincheloe, was found guilty of aggravated animal cruelty and tampering with evidence in a court of law in October of 2023. Her sentencing will happen on December 19th and the man, her father, Roddy Kincheloe's trial has been postponed until January of 2024.

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