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Pamela DeFouw

Executive Director

A Florida native, with her Mom’s help Pam started raising wildlife at a very young age.

She earned a degree in Film and Criminal Justice from __State College of Florida and started creating independent films that raised awareness about wildlife and its importance in protecting our sensitive ecosystems. Pam’s goal was to use her degree to pursue a career with Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Commission to help to preserve and protect Florida’s endangered wildlife.

In 2010, Pam became a volunteer for the Wildlife Center of Venice in order to learn more about our native wildlife and she was immediately drawn in by the mission of the Center. Soon after, she was offered a full-time position with the Center and she spent the next 10 years caring for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife. Now, as the Executive Director, she has the privilege of helping to build one of the largest wildlife hospitals in the area focusing on education as well as rehabilitation. Pam attends several state and national conferences every year to learn more and more about this ever-changing and challenging field and she uses her knowledge to train current and future rehabilitators.

Pam holds state and federal rehabilitation permits and she is currently attending school for Veterinary Technology.

Pamela DeFouw
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